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What to Expect

Working With Us (Our Process)

  • Before We Meet: Gather your statements and existing financial documents. Take some time to think about your goals. Dream a little. We’ll talk about it in our first meeting.
  • The First Meeting: Getting to know each other. We’ll ask tons of questions. We encourage you to do the same. We generally never talk about products or make recommendations in the first meeting unless you have specific questions or needs.
  • Brainstorming: After the meeting the team will review your financial information, goals, concerns etc. and begin brainstorming ideas and strategies that we think will best help you. Sometimes we’ll find that there are multiple ways to achieve your goals- we’ll outline them all and review them with you to find the best fit.
  • The Second Meeting: This is our first real opportunity to educate (and impress) you. We’ll review our findings, discuss strategies and teach you about relevant financial concepts. Once we find what fits best we’ll discuss implementation and decide upon next steps.
  • Pre-Implementation: We’ll begin the process of gathering the paperwork that will be necessary to implement the strategies we’ve agreed upon.
  • The Third Meeting: We’ll review the proposed strategies again and answer any questions you may have. If you are comfortable, we’ll complete the paperwork that is necessary to begin the process.
  • Beyond the Third Meeting: Here’s where our process becomes a little less predictable. Depending on the extent of the work that we are doing for you, we may need to meet or conference call a few times throughout the implementation process. You can expect to hear from us weekly via call or email to keep you posted.
  • The “Wrap-Up” Meeting: Once everything is in place we’ll meet one more time review what is in place and make sure you understand how each piece works. We’ll discuss a plan for following up throughout the year(s), and ask for your feedback of how you’d like us to stay in touch.